Learn Affiliate Marketing

As you may already know, the digital zone offers many opportunities for earning money. People always try to look for complementary sources of making money online. One of the most attractive and useful options is Affiliate Marketing.
What if I tell you, Instead of dealing with the monotony and life of the rat race to earn a few bucks, you could earn money at any time, from anywhere and even while sleeping. Here comes the concept of Affiliate Marketing.
Yes, you can generate a source of passive income through Affiliate Marketing. While passive income and making money while you sleep seems captivating, but you have to do really hard work before you can start making Affiliate profits and thus making your dream of passive income come true.
Affiliate Marketing is a popular tactic to drive sales and thus generating a significant online income. It is extremely beneficial for both the company and the affiliate marketers.
If you aren’t participating in Affiliate Marketing, it’s time to start taking advantage of this lucrative revenue stream. Let’s dive into the complete learning of Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns some commission for marketing and increasing sales of the product owner. That means when you promote people’s product or company’s product, you earn a commission whenever someone buys an online product based on your recommendation. The sales are tracked via affiliate links provided by affiliate programs.


How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing works by spreading the responsibilities of product marketing and creation across parties. To be a successful affiliate, all parties involved in affiliate marketing have to connect actively. This connection strongly relies on the relationship formed between Seller, Promoter, Consumer.

Three pillars of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Seller/Advertiser
  2. Publisher/The Affiliate
  3. The Consumer

Let’s dive into the relationship between these three pillars share to get success in affiliate marketing.

1. Seller/Advertiser:

The Seller/Advertiser in affiliate marketing can be an entrepreneur, a company, a merchant, or a retailer that sells products to the market. The product can be physical objects like household goods or services like tutorials, online courses, or software.

2. Publisher/The Affiliate:

Publisher/The Affiliate can be either an individual or a company that promotes the seller’s product. The affiliate promotes the product in a convincing and appealing way so that the product can reach to potential consumers.

Publishers must promote the product keeping in mind that products should be beneficial and provide value to consumers. If the consumer ends up buying the product on your recommendation, you will get a portion of the sale made.

3. The Consumer:

In the end, the last party involving in the whole process of affiliate marketing is the Consumer. Consumers and their purchases are the real drivers of affiliate marketing. 

When the affiliate sells the products to consumers through the Website, Blog, Social Media, and other ways, only then seller and affiliate are able to share the profits.

The affiliate’s share is included in the retail price of the product, so it doesn’t affect the price to the consumer who is a significant part of this system.

The marketers call this action a conversion. Conversion tracking is one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing. You will come to know form which ads the sales are coming and which strategy convince the consumers to purchase a product. Accordingly, you can take action and boost up your business.

How to get started with Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to get started with affiliate marketing. To be a pro affiliate marketer, you need to follow these simple steps:-

  1. Decide on a Platform
  2. Pick a Niche
  3. Find affiliate programs to join and products to promote
  4. Create great content around the products
  5. Drive Traffic to your affiliate site/post and grow

Let’s go through each step deeply to learn how you can start affiliate marketing.

Step#1. Decide on Platform:

Theoretically, You can start affiliate marketing on any platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, E-mail marketing, a Website, and many more platforms where you can find a number of targeted audiences.

However, it’s much more easy and effective to build an audience and increase your affiliate sales through a website/blog, Youtube.

Starting a blog is very easy and cheap today. You can build your blog and put affiliate links on your blog posts related to your niche. You can also build a website of your chosen niche or product. There are a lot of tutorials available online that teach you how to build a website.

Once your website is done, provide the best and right information through high-quality photos, reviews of the product, tips and tricks, and all that packed in well designed and arranged website. Then optimize your website for Search engines, so that your website has better ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

After doing search engine optimization, not only it improves your ranking it also increases your organic traffic on your website/blog. Then you are free to add affiliate links to your website/blog.

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Another effective way of starting affiliate marketing is Youtube. You can make videos on the product and give the reviews of the product and upload it on youtube. Make your videos SEO friendly and provide valuable content to your viewers. Put affiliate links in your description. There are plenty of successful Youtube channels that are generating a handsome income just by reviewing and affiliating the products.

Step#2. Pick a Niche:

Picking a profitable Niche is a very crucial step in starting an affiliate marketing. You will find a blogger or affiliate for each and every product. So there is very much high competition in this field. 

Choose a topic that focuses on Specific Category. For example, if you choose the category of mobiles, then don’t just make a website/blog on mobiles. Try to be more specific in your niche like instead of mobiles you can choose Samsung mobiles and even more specific like Samsung galaxy series etc.

Now, if you are going to write your own content, choose something you are interested in. It will provide you consistency as most of the affiliates fail due to less consistency. You will also write by your heart if you choose the niche of your interest.

If you are hiring a freelancer for your content, you will find an expert in your niche. They will provide you high quality and trustworthy work which can lead to more traffic and growth of your online business.

Step#3. Find affiliate programs to join and the right products to promote:

When you start searching on Google, you will find millions of Affiliate programs to join but you have to choose some specific programs that define your niche. As you browse through affiliate programs, the most important thing to keep in mind is the product should be aligned with your audience. For example, a beauty blogger would not sell food items. 

You will find different types of affiliate programs. Some programs will pay you more for less volume, some will pay you less despite high volumes and there are also programs that will pay to more for more volume.

For example, if you join Amazon Associates you will get 2-10% commission per sale which is very low. But if you join some software affiliate programs such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, and many more companies that give you 30-50% commission per sale.

How to decide which program is to join?

This mainly depends on the niche and expertise level.

If you are affiliating physical products to consumers, then Amazon Associates is the best program as a beginner. As you start getting an adequate audience, you can go for some other affiliate platforms such as:

If you decided to go for the business audience, then you can promote software products or hosting services. In this case, the affiliate program will be low volume high paying model.

The best way to find affiliate products is by searching on Google. Just type the name of the product+affiliate program. You will come to know that the product has an affiliate program or not.

How to choose the right product?

As an affiliate, one of the most important things to work on is your credibility as a product reviewer. You should use that product or service before recommending it to others.

There are several affiliate marketplaces where you can find tons of products under different categories. They will also provide you stats like Avg. Commission, EPC, Ratings of the products etc.

For example, if you join the Amazon Associates program you will see millions of products to choose for promotion. Go to All and there you will see a number of categories and you can choose the product from any category.

Look for the ratings and commission of the products and then take the most popular product with good ratings. The commission stats of the product category are shown below in the screenshot.

If you are using WordPress, there is a plugin you can use to mask your affiliate links  ThristyAffiliates.

You can also add free Chrome Addon called Affilitizer, which will notify you when a marketplace has affiliate programs.

If you still can’t select the product to promote, the Choose the product you already use or love to use. 

Step#4. Create quality content around the product:

In order to be a successful Affiliate, you need to create high-quality content that will provide value to your audience. Also, the content must relate to your selected topic.

Don’t just blindly choose the best rating product. first, do some research on the problems facing by people and then create content accordingly. Make sure your content must solve the visitor’s problem by providing valuable content.

However, if you are doing reviews, first test it by yourself and then recommended it to others.

Step#5. Drive Traffic to your affiliate site/post and Grow:

Now, you have created great content. The next step is to promote it to targeted people, who read your content and click on your affiliate links. Finding the target audience is very important, because you will come to know what they want and need. Here are some things you can do to grow and be a pro affiliate.

  1. Paid Traffic
  2. SEO(search engine optimization)
  3. E-mail Marketing
  4. Create a product tutorial
  5. Promote on Social Media

Let’s dive into the detail of each of the promotion tactics.

A. Paid Traffic:

When you draw traffic to your website by paying some money, it’s called Paid Traffic. You can do this by PPC ads. The cornerstone of any successful PPC is Keyword research- Choosing the best keywords to bid on that are most likely to result in clicks and conversions.

To know which keywords are related to your chosen product, you need to work on Adwords skills and do proper keyword research.

The best thing is that as soon as you start paying, you get traffic. But when you stop paying for ads, traffic will stop.

I recommend you if your budget is low or you are just new to affiliate marketing, this is not a much great idea.

B. SEO(search engine optimization):

SEO is the process of optimizing pages to search engines like google, so that the website ranks better in search engines. Due to high rankings in search engines, there are very high chances of getting organic traffic on your website which in turn results in the overall growth of your earning.

If you are using WordPress, there is a plugin called Yoast SEO, which makes page optimization simple for you.

C. E-mail Marketing:

E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways of promotion. You need to create e-mail lists of your subscribers. You can communicate with your readers anytime.

The most popular e-mail marketing tools are AWeber, MailChimp, Convertkit. These tools can be very useful for bloggers and content-based business.

Use emails to notify your readers about new content and keep on coming back to your site for more updates. In this way, you can have more clicks and sales.

To build an email list, you need to put a signup form on your main pages or posts. You can also provide free e-book or a course so that maximum readers subscribe to your site.

D. Create a product tutorial:

Another way of driving higher-converting traffic is by providing product tutorials. People often search ‘How to’ keyword on google such as how to make money, how to reduce fat etc. If you offer a tutorial of the product by solving the problem of the searcher, and clearly show the value of the product, there are higher chances of the product getting sold on your recommendation.

E. Promote on Social Media:

Social media is also a very good option to promote products. There are a lot of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and many more. As you may have already known that most of the people in this world spend most of their time on social media. So you can grow your business on social media.

You can also use Facebook Ads or you can also make business accounts on different social media platforms and publish product-related tutorials by posting on social media platforms to reach the target audience and increase your sales.

Youtube is also a great medium of promotion as people like to watch videos instead of reading. So make a youtube channel and upload videos of the product tutorial and put an affiliate links in the description of your video.


How do Affiliate marketers get paid?

The affiliate marketer gets paid in various ways. You don’t always need to sell the product. Depending on the program, the affiliate’s contribution to the seller’s sales will be measured differently. There are mainly three ways, the affiliate marketer gets paid:

»Pay per click: This program focuses on the number of visitors redirected by affiliate’s site to the merchant’s site. This means affiliate must engage the consumer in such a way that the consumer shifts from affiliate’s site to the advertiser’s site. The affiliate gets paid by increasing web traffic on the advertiser’s site.

»Pay per sale: In this program, the merchant pays you some percentage of the sale price of the product when consumers complete the purchase.

»Pay per lead: This program compensates the affiliate based on the conversion of leads. The consumer must go to the merchant’s site and complete some action, whether it could subscribe, filling up the form, downloading software, or files.


Now, you have learned all the basic things about affiliate marketing. Let’s go through some frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing.

Frequently asked questions 


How much money an affiliate marketer can make?

The simple answer to this question is that there is no limit of money you can make as an affiliate marketer. It strongly depends on your niche and the hard work you put in.

There are affiliate marketers who are making millions of dollars per year by just doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn and Ryan Robinson are taking affiliate marketing to a new level by generating $20000-$50000 per month via affiliate marketing. The next one can be you.

Always keep it in mind, those successful affiliate marketers took years of hard work and dedication to reach this level. If you are starting out, don't just expect some magic. Do your hard work and don't give up and one day you will also be a pro affiliate marketer.

The key here is that how you are doing the things, that means through what way you are executing affiliate marketing plans. Whether you are using a blog or PPC to promote products. Blogging is the best and effective way so far.

Most of the affiliate programs support payment through Paypal or Payoneer. If you don't have an account on these digital payment modes, you can open your account clicking on the above links.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

It's absolutely free of cost to join an affiliate program. If you want to make a blog website, then there will be some cost of taking hosting services. The other cost factors depend on the techniques you are using for promotion. There are some price tags for PPC, email marketing, Facebook Ads, etc.

What qualification do you need to be an affiliate marketer?

You don't require any qualifications or special technical skills to start affiliate marketing. Even an 8th standard student can start affiliate marketing. But having marketing skills is the plus point to be an affiliate marketer.


What are the benefits of starting affiliate marketing?

There are a lot of benefits of starting a career as an affiliate marketer. Some of the benefits are shown below:

  • You generate passive income. It means you don't need to go to work to make money. Affiliate marketing offers you the ability to make money while you sleep.
  • No headache of customer satisfaction or customer support. An affiliate marketer is the link between advertiser and consumer. The seller deals with the customer's complaints.
  • If you don't like to go to offices, affiliate marketing is the option for you. You can perform affiliate marketing at any place you want.
  • Affiliate marketing strongly depends on your performance. If you go to the office, and do 80 hrs per week of hard work, you will get the same salary. But in affiliate marketing, you get the performance-based rewards. The more time you give to affiliate marketing, the more you learn and the more you earn.
  • Affiliate marketing is the most convenient and flexible way to achieve your goals. You can diversify your affiliate portfolio once you got some success and grow your online business.


How to become a successful affiliate marketer?

Apart from hard work and dedication, here are few tips which can help you to be a pro affiliate marketer

  • Develop trust among your readers by providing value.
  • Make it personal. It means you should suggest the product you personally believe in.
  • Start reviewing products and services.
  • Use various sources for promotion.
  • Choose campaigns with care.
  • Stay updated with trends.



Affiliate marketing is an ideal solution for those who want to gain control of the income by focusing on performance-based work. A self-motivated affiliate marketer can produce passive income at the comfort of their home.

But don’t expect that you will have life-changing income or financial freedom at the beginning of an affiliate marketing career.

Just focus on your first affiliate sale and as your site grows, keep on setting new goals and improve your learning day by day.

You just need to be self-motivated, do hard work, and most important patience.

I hope you like this post. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones 🙂



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